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January 2016

30 Cheat-day Post Wedding Meals

Why This List?   My wife and I love making lists together in our free time (because we’re weird and awesome). This joint list of foods we want to indulge made excellent conversation while hung over in the subway. For those… Continue Reading →

30 Amazon Echo Easter Eggs

Why This List?   I’ve had the Amazon Echo for about 6 months and I think I’ve started using it so much that I take it for granted. Among many other things, I use Amazon for my light switch (connected… Continue Reading →

30 Amazon Echo Commands

  Why this list? I bought the Amazon Echo in July 2015 and I’ve been playing around with all its functions. Yes, Siri is basically the same thing and probably does a better job with normal searches/questions, but I still have to… Continue Reading →

30 Favorite TED Talks

Why This List? You’ve definitely seen at least one TED talk; it’s all the rage nowadays. The concept is simple: Experts in their field present to their peers on their passions. The presentations are polished and the ideas are definitely… Continue Reading →

30 Questions for Professionals

Why This List? Especially if you are starting your early career, you should consider asking these questions of your Mentors. Mentorships are extremely valuable and one should always be prepared with questions. If you’re a mentor, you should formulate these… Continue Reading →

30 TEDx Blogpost ideas

Why This List? TEDxBushwick 2016 is in full steam and we’re always brainstorming new ideas to get more people involved. Blogging in any of the social media platforms is an easy way to reach out to more people and get more conversations… Continue Reading →

30 Valuable Things Learned from Giving a Speech

  Why This List? There’s a certain mystical power behind preparing for a speech. All of a sudden, you’re put on the spot knowing your colleagues, friends, and bosses will be listening intently to you for the next 5-7 minutes…. Continue Reading →

30 Favorite Start-Up Ideas

Why This List? Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and start a company. It’d be awesome – we’d be our own bosses and work on a product where we’d be our main users. I can see it now… fame, tech… Continue Reading →

30 Favorite Movies

Why This List? We all love getting lost in the story and growing with the characters. Good movies are like good speeches – they move us and inspire us to consider another perspective. There are good movies that have really badass… Continue Reading →

30 Favorite Photos from 2015

Why This List? When you’re doing a year-end review, there’s a mandatory road down facebook/instagram lane where you almost instantly relive your life through photos. While these 30 photos may not be the best composed (or even taken by me),… Continue Reading →

30 Work Culture Wins

  Why This List? Culture is what makes and breaks a company. It’s an underlying mentality that shouldn’t even be a discussion, but yet always comes up as the first thing to fix. Clearly, we want happy people that work… Continue Reading →

30 Early Career Advice

Why This List? Those graduating from college often bump into a wall that I like to call “Now What?”  You did what they were told, but now that you’re in the real world, you get to tell yourself what to do and choose whether or… Continue Reading →

30 Favorite Photos of 2014

  Why This List? I’m probably going to make a full photo album of my favorite 2014 photos of all time, but I’m going to choose these 30 because I will use them for the cover photos for the next… Continue Reading →

30 Favorite Songs

  Why This List? Music has always played (ha) a big role in my life. I listen to music to set the mood and sometimes just to make me feel like I remember the lyrics to something. I sing it to… Continue Reading →

30 Lists of 30

  Q: Why do you make so many lists? A: Lists are awesome. They don’t need any type of ranking – they just represent easy to digest brain dumps of ideas.  I think my brain is just a constant stream of… Continue Reading →

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