Why This List?

When you’re doing a year-end review, there’s a mandatory road down facebook/instagram lane where you almost instantly relive your life through photos. While these 30 photos may not be the best composed (or even taken by me), these are the favorite ones that made my year.

  1. all the ducks in a row
  2. anime vinessa
  3. attacked by deer
  4. awesome halloween
  5. bali photoshoot
  6. big japan selfie
  7. cheers
  8. dont mess with texas
  9. engagement
  10. friends being badass
  11. happy days
  12. hencat halloween
  13. japan
  14. love of new life
  15. many wedding thanks
  16. me and the possy
  17. minimoon
  18. mocoloco
  19. needed fake guns
  20. rice fields
  21. selfie with the married couple
  22. selfies of selfies
  23. shades of blue
  24. sunsets together
  25. tanah lot
  26. tedactive pres
  27. tedactive together
  28. tedxbushwick conversations
  29. us in austin
  30. whole crew


~See Lemons Say Goodbye to 2015