Why This List?


A theme brings it all together. It guides the talks and inspires the audience to think abstractly about the bigger cause. There’s no right answer for the theme – it’s just an abstract idea that can be interpreted in any number of ways. I do think the creative ones are always fun to hear. It always makes me think, “Ah… I see what you did there…”

  1. http://terra-properties.com/job-opportunities Truth and dare – I like how the entirety of TED really overturned stones and revealed hard truths about all our world issues, and dared us all to get more involved.
  2. buy Topiramate 200mg Chain reaction – It’s how ideas spread from individuals to groups to movements to revolutions
  3. buy proscar malaysia 2020 vision – I like how this could be the year 2020 target as well as the 20/20 vision of the right world ahead of us
  4. Breaking barriers – There will always be barriers of entry for learning new skills or getting involved in new ideas, but I like how this theme inspires people to make these ideas more accessible and transparent how to get involved.
  5. plavix drug prices The creative spark – Ideas are my creative spark
  6. Dare to bend – People are rooted in beliefs and they should consider bending these views
  7. Life stories – This was one of my favorite sub themes within TED 2015 only because I believe that life is about experiencing triumph moments and telling awesome stories.
  8. Finding a new point of view – These new ideas show a new perspective
  9. Radical reframe – People often become stubborn about their old ways by comparing new ideas to what they know. It’s important to reframe that view and approach it with a clear mind.
  10. Keep the conversation going – It’s not just the talk, it’s the conversations that happen afterwards
  11. Shaping the future – The future is taking shape with or without our influence…
  12. Pale blue dot – we are just a speck in the stars and a pale blue dot to other observers
  13. Not Business As Usual – This challenges the status quo and gets people thinking outside of their normal working BAU mindset
  14. Take a Moment and Think – We spend a lot of time stuck doing too much and not stepping back and unfocusing our eyes to see the bigger picture
  15. Press Play – I like this because I immediately have the guitar rift following this for “Just push play.” At a higher level, we control the remote.
  16. Beyond the Conversation – Change happens beyond just that first step
  17. Changing Currents – We are often pushed a certain direction by the masses, and I think it’s important to consider the validity of the direction and alter it where needed
  18. Pioneering – I personally love this word. It’s exploration to the roots of the old days in engineering and suspenders
  19. Sea of Voices – This theme was from a maritime TEDx about ocean exploration, so I thought it was pretty clever
  20. EDGE: Explore, Discover, Grow, Engage – The edge is usually that furthest point before the unknown. I love watching our edge cut through any level of fabric.
  21. Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Reset the way you think. This also used to bring up a task manager seeing your running processes.
  22. Uncharted Territory – This always reminds me of “Space… the Final Frontier”
  23. Inside Out – I think we need to go further than skin deep and pull everything inside out
  24. Why Not? – We ask ourselves “Why?” all the time, but what of “Why Not?”
  25. Worlds Imagined – Whether it’s ours or Mars, we are looking at a lifestyle and colony
  26. Crossing Paths – Intersecting ideas from all subject spaces is how you find innovation
  27. Collisions – Sometimes it’s more than just meeting, but also colliding to mold a more cohesive entity that can approach these problems
  28. Hide and Seek – I think we’re always observing the world and getting surprised. We seek to find those hidden answers in this continuous game of curiosity.
  29. Solve for y – I love everything about this geeky equation. There’s a lot of meaning in Figuring out Why
  30. Ripples – It starts with a drop…

~See Lemons Themed

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